Yukon Mountain Caribou Hunting
Mountain caribou hunts in the mountains of the Yukon

MacMillan River Adventures recently obtained an increase in our allocated quota of Mountain Caribou due to the tremendous health, stability, and population structure of the Tay River mountain caribou herd in our hunting area.

Some occasional opportunities to harvest the mountain caribou do occur on the river and lake hunts but the best success comes on the high country horseback hunt. The individual and bachelor herds of Yukon mountain caribou spend the late summer and early fall near the mountain tops and in the high alpine meadows along timberline. The higher elevations offer cooler temperatures and wind exposure that aid relief from the insects that bother the mountain caribou bulls at this time of the season. The open country also provides some longer sight lines to offer the mountain caribou some safety from hunting wolves.

This Yukon mountain caribou hunt is similar to the high country moose hunt in that daily horseback rides are taken to higher elevations and time is spent glassing for mature bulls to stalk. Because of the nature and timing of the mountain caribou hunt a successful combo hunt for moose, grizzly, or wolf trophy can be very realistic expectation.

If you are looking for one of the most sought after trophies in the world, then the Yukon Territory and MacMillan River Adventures has a trophy mountain caribou waiting for you.

Hunt Cost 14 Days of Hunting: $20,000
Trophy Fee: $10,000

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