Yukon Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Wolf & Wolverine Hunting

The MacMillan River area has great grizzly bear, black bear, wolf and wolverine populations which allows us to add these species to any of our hunts. Although we do not offer these as stand alone hunts you have an excellent opportunity to see some of these awesome animals in their natural habitat. These make an excellent addition to our other hunts.

License fees for grizzly bear, black bear, wolf & wolverines are included with all hunts you book with MacMillan River Adventures. The hunter has the option of harvesting any or all of these species for the cost of a trophy fee only.

Grizzly Bear & Black Bear
You may have an excellent chance at harvesting a grizzly bear and black bear along the rivers, lakes and on our high mountain horseback hunts. Bears are active throughout our moose, sheep and caribou seasons, giving you optimal opportunities to harvest one of the of our most powerful northern land mammals.

Wolf & Wolverine:

Wolves are found over the entire Yukon but are more abundant where moose numbers are high. Because the high population of wolves in our area, you are allowed to harvest two wolves. In the Yukon, wolverines occur in all habitats, from forested valleys to alpine regions. However they are most abundant in mountainous areas. A Yukon hunt with MacMillan River Adventures offers a unique opportunity to take home either of these much sought after trophies.

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